The Ultimate Guide To Obtaining The Perfect Jacket In Payday 2

how to get jacket in payday 2

Do you love the game Payday 2 and want to unlock the elusive and mysterious character known as Jacket? Well, you're in luck! In this guide, we will show you exactly how to get your hands on this edgy and iconic character. So grab your masks and get ready to dive into the gritty world of heisting, because Jacket is waiting for you.

Characteristics Values
Rarity Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
Drop Rate Varies for each jacket
Acquisition Achievements, Contracts, Card Drops
Customization Options Colors, Patterns, Materials, Modifications
Level Requirement Varies for each jacket
Unlock Cost Varies for each jacket
Trading Tradable with other players
DLC Requirement Some jackets are exclusive to certain DLCs
Special Effects Some jackets may have unique abilities or bonuses
Inventory Slot Consumable
Resell Value Varies for each jacket
Skins Some jackets can be customized with various skins


What are the different methods of obtaining a jacket in Payday 2?


Payday 2 is a popular cooperative first-person shooter game developed by Overkill Software. In the game, players take on the roles of criminals engaging in various heists. One of the most sought-after items in Payday 2 is the jacket, which serves as a symbol of prestige and accomplishment. There are several different methods players can use to obtain a jacket in Payday 2, and each method has its own unique requirements and challenges.

Method 1: Achievements

One of the most common ways to obtain a jacket in Payday 2 is by completing achievements. Achievements are specific goals or objectives that players can strive to accomplish during gameplay. These objectives can range from collecting a certain number of items to successfully completing a heist under specific conditions. By completing certain achievements, players can unlock different variations of the jacket.

For example, the "In For a Dime, In For a Dollar" achievement requires players to complete all of the heists on the Death Wish difficulty. Once this achievement is completed, players are rewarded with a red and black jacket.

Method 2: Card Drops

Another method of obtaining a jacket in Payday 2 is through card drops. Card drops occur at the end of each heist and provide players with random items, including masks, weapon modifications, and, occasionally, jackets. Players receive a card at the end of a heist and can choose to keep the item on the card or trade it with other players. The chances of receiving a jacket from a card drop are relatively low, making it a more random and luck-based method.

Method 3: Community Items

Payday 2 has a vibrant community that creates and shares custom content, including jackets. Players can obtain community-designed jackets by participating in events or by trading with other players. These jackets are often unique and showcase the creativity of the Payday 2 community. Participating in events or trading with other players can be a fun and collaborative way to obtain a unique jacket that stands out from the rest.

Method 4: Limited-Time Events

From time to time, Payday 2 hosts limited-time events that introduce special heists and rewards. These events often offer exclusive jackets that can only be obtained during the event period. To obtain these event-specific jackets, players need to participate in the event by completing the associated heists or meeting specific event requirements. These limited-time events add excitement and a sense of urgency to the game, as players strive to obtain the exclusive jackets before the event ends.

In conclusion, there are several different methods of obtaining a jacket in Payday 2. Players can unlock jackets by completing achievements, receiving card drops at the end of heists, trading with other players in the community, or participating in limited-time events. Each method offers its own unique challenges, whether it be mastering difficult heists, relying on luck for card drops, or engaging with the Payday 2 community. Ultimately, obtaining a jacket in Payday 2 requires dedication, skill, and a bit of luck.


Are there any specific heists or missions that guarantee drop a jacket?


When playing popular heist games like Grand Theft Auto or Payday 2, players often strive to collect special items or achieve rare unlocks. One highly coveted item that many players seek are jackets. These jackets can provide a cool aesthetic to a character's appearance and show off a player's accomplishments. However, finding these jackets can often be a challenge and may require specific missions or heists.

In Payday 2, a cooperative first-person shooter game centered around bank heists, there are indeed specific heists that guarantee a drop of a jacket. Payday 2 has a robust loot system, and certain heists have increased chances of dropping a jacket. Below are a couple of examples:

  • "The Diamond" Heist: This heist is set in a lavish museum with the objective of stealing a priceless diamond. Completing this heist has a decent chance of dropping a jacket. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chance of obtaining a jacket.
  • "The Big Bank" Heist: The Big Bank heist is one of the most complex and challenging heists in Payday 2. It requires careful planning and coordination among players to successfully rob a large and heavily guarded bank. This heist has a high chance of dropping a jacket upon successful completion.
  • "Golden Grin Casino" Heist: Set in a luxurious casino, this heist gives players the opportunity to infiltrate and rob a high-stakes establishment. The Golden Grin Casino heist has a good chance of dropping a jacket, making it a popular choice for players hoping to obtain one.

It is important to note that jacket drops are not guaranteed on every playthrough of these heists. The game utilizes a random loot drop system, so there is still an element of chance involved. However, the heists mentioned above have been known to have a higher chance of yielding a jacket upon completion.

In addition to specific heists, the game also features events and limited-time missions that offer unique jackets as rewards. For example, during the annual "Crimefest" event, which celebrates the game's anniversary, players are often treated to new content, including special heists that guarantee a jacket drop.

To increase the chances of obtaining jackets, players can also unlock additional perks and skills that improve their luck with loot drops. These perks and skills can be acquired by leveling up and spending skill points in the game's skill tree.

In conclusion, while there are specific heists or missions in games like Payday 2 that have a higher chance of dropping jackets, it is important to note that these drops are not guaranteed. The loot system incorporates an element of randomness, so players may need to complete these heists multiple times to obtain the desired jacket. Additionally, participating in special events or unlocking specific perks and skills can also increase the chances of obtaining jackets.


Can jackets only be acquired through gameplay, or can they also be purchased or unlocked through other means?


Jackets are a popular form of outerwear that can provide both style and functionality. They come in a wide range of styles, materials, and designs, making them a versatile choice for people of all ages and genders. When it comes to acquiring jackets, there are various options available. While many jackets can be obtained through gameplay, others can be purchased or unlocked through different means.

One of the primary ways to acquire jackets is through gameplay in video games. In many open-world or role-playing games, players can find or earn jackets as rewards for completing certain objectives or missions. These jackets are often designed specifically for the game and can enhance the player's abilities or provide other unique features. For example, in a survival game, players may need to find and craft jackets to protect themselves from the elements or increase their resistance to cold.

However, jackets can also be purchased in real life through various retailers. There are numerous stores, both physical and online, that specialize in selling jackets. These retailers offer a wide range of options, including different colors, designs, materials, and brands. Some jackets are specifically designed for certain activities, such as hiking jackets or skiing jackets, which offer added functionality and features suited for those activities. Purchasing jackets allows individuals to choose the specific style and design that suits their personal preferences and needs.

In addition to purchasing jackets, they can also be unlocked through other means, such as promotions or loyalty programs. Some companies offer jackets as incentives for customers who make a certain number of purchases or reach specific milestones. For example, a clothing brand might offer a limited edition jacket to its loyal customers as a way of showing appreciation for their continued support. Similarly, some organizations or events may give away jackets as part of a promotion or marketing campaign.

Furthermore, jackets can also be acquired through giveaways, contests, or social media engagements. Many brands or influencers collaborate with each other to offer special promotions or prizes to their followers. These promotions often include various items, including jackets, that can be won through participation in giveaways or contests. These methods provide an opportunity for individuals to acquire jackets without having to make a financial investment.

Overall, jackets can be acquired through gameplay, purchases, or unlocking through various means. While gameplay offers a unique and immersive way to obtain jackets in video games, real-life options such as purchasing, promotions, giveaways, and contests provide individuals with the opportunity to own jackets that suit their personal style and preferences. Whether through virtual worlds or physical retailers, jackets offer both practicality and fashion, making them a sought-after item for many individuals.


Are there any special requirements or achievements that need to be completed to unlock specific jacket variations?


When it comes to unlocking specific jacket variations, there can indeed be special requirements or achievements that need to be completed. This can vary depending on the game or platform you are playing on, as well as the specific jacket variation you are aiming for. In this article, we will explore some common examples of special requirements or achievements that may be necessary to unlock specific jacket variations in different games.

One common requirement for unlocking jacket variations is reaching a certain level or completing a specific mission or quest. For example, in a role-playing game, you may need to reach a certain level of experience before a new jacket variation becomes available to you. Alternatively, you may need to complete a challenging mission or quest that unlocks the jacket as a reward. These types of requirements add an element of progression and accomplishment to the game, giving players a sense of achievement when they finally unlock the desired jacket variation.

In some cases, unlocking jacket variations may require meeting certain criteria or fulfilling specific objectives. For instance, in a sports game, you may need to win a certain number of matches or tournaments to unlock new jacket variations. This adds an extra layer of competitiveness and skill-based progression to the game, as players must continuously improve their gameplay in order to unlock the desired jackets.

Another example of special requirements for unlocking jacket variations is participating in limited-time events or promotions. Some games offer special events or promotions that allow players to unlock exclusive jacket variations for a limited period of time. These events may require players to complete certain tasks or challenges within a specified timeframe in order to earn the exclusive jacket. These limited-time events can create a sense of urgency and excitement among players, as they race against the clock to unlock the rare and coveted jacket variations.

In addition to requirements or achievements, certain jacket variations may also become available through in-game purchases or microtransactions. While this may not involve completing specific tasks or challenges, it does require players to spend real money to unlock the desired jacket variation. This method of unlocking jacket variations is often controversial among players, as it raises concerns about pay-to-win mechanics and creates a divide between players who are willing to spend money and those who are not.

Overall, there are many different ways in which specific jacket variations can be unlocked in games. Whether through reaching a certain level, completing specific missions or quests, meeting specific criteria, participating in limited-time events, or making in-game purchases, these special requirements or achievements add depth and excitement to the gameplay experience. However, it is important for game developers to strike a balance between challenging players and ensuring accessibility, as well as considering the ethical implications of using microtransactions to unlock jacket variations.


Can jackets be traded or gifted to other players in Payday 2?


Payday 2 is a popular cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Overkill Software. In the game, players take on the role of skilled criminals as they execute various heists and robberies. One aspect of the game that players often strive for is collecting different outfits and masks to customize their characters. However, players may wonder if jackets, one of the available clothing options, can be traded or gifted to other players in Payday 2.

Contrary to other items in the game, jackets cannot be traded or gifted to other players in Payday 2. While masks, weapon mods, and achievements can be exchanged between players, jackets are solely tied to the individual player's account and cannot be transferred.

This limitation may disappoint some players who enjoy the idea of collecting and trading in-game items. However, it is important to note that jackets in Payday 2 are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages. They are purely for personal customization and visual appeal. As such, there is no significant impact on gameplay or overall experience by not being able to trade or gift jackets.

Nevertheless, players can still obtain jackets by completing certain achievements or reaching specific milestones in the game. Some jackets are also available as DLC (downloadable content), which can be purchased and added to a player's collection. These options allow players to personalize their characters and showcase their accomplishments, even if they cannot share or exchange jackets with other players.

In Payday 2, players have the freedom to mix and match various clothing items, including jackets, masks, gloves, and pants, to create their own unique criminal persona. Each jacket has its own distinct design and color scheme, allowing players to express their individuality and style. Additionally, jackets can be customized further with different patterns and materials, enhancing the level of personalization available to players.

While it may be disappointing that jackets cannot be traded or gifted, Payday 2 still offers a wide range of customization options for players to enjoy. From masks to weapons mods, there are plenty of items that can be obtained, shared, and traded between players. The inability to trade jackets does not significantly hinder the overall gameplay experience or deprive players of the ability to customize their characters.

In conclusion, jackets in Payday 2 cannot be traded or gifted to other players. However, this limitation does not detract from the game's customization options or affect gameplay. Players can still obtain jackets through achievements, milestones, or DLC, and personalize their characters to their liking. While the inability to trade jackets may be a minor disappointment for some, Payday 2 offers plenty of other opportunities for players to express their individuality and style.

Frequently asked questions

To get a jacket in Payday 2, you need to complete the "Hotline Miami" heist. This heist is a collaboration with the game Hotline Miami, and completing it will unlock the Jacket character as a playable character in Payday 2. Once you have completed the heist, you can select Jacket as your character and customize his appearance, including choosing different jackets for him to wear.

Yes, you can unlock different jackets for Jacket in Payday 2. These alternate jackets are obtained through the completion of achievements in the game. Each achievement will unlock a specific jacket for Jacket, allowing you to customize his appearance even further. Some of these achievements may require specific objectives to be completed during heists, so be sure to check the achievement requirements and plan your heists accordingly to unlock the different jackets.

Yes, there are DLCs available for Payday 2 that include additional jackets for Jacket. These DLCs often come with new heists, characters, weapons, and customization options. By purchasing and installing the appropriate DLCs, you can unlock and equip additional jackets for Jacket, expanding your customization options even further. Be sure to check the game's store page or DLC listings to see which DLCs include additional jackets for Jacket.

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