Sport Coat Wrapping 101

how to gift wrap a sport coat

There are several ways to gift wrap a sports coat, and you can choose the best method depending on the resources you have available. One way is to fold the coat into a rectangle, place it in the centre of a sheet of wrapping paper, and then wrap it like an envelope, using tape to secure the paper. Alternatively, you could roll up the coat and wrap it in tissue paper, securing the ends with ribbon. If you don't have wrapping paper, you could use fabric, such as an old shirt or scarf, or even newspaper or paper bags.

Characteristics Values
Item of clothing Sport coat
Type of paper Wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper, paper bags
Other materials Ribbon, tape, scissors, gift box, yarn, gift bag, old shirt, scarf, sweater, gift tag, yarn, marker, stamps, stickers
Techniques Folding, rolling, tying, cutting, stamping, doodling, printing


Folding a sport coat into a rectangle

First, lay your sports coat facedown on a flat surface. Make sure it is unbuttoned so that you will be able to fold the shoulders back. Spread the arms out flat and straight. You can start with the coat facing up and then gently flip it over to make sure that everything is laying flat with no creases or folds.

Next, fold the left shoulder back first and turn the right shoulder inside out. Tuck the left shoulder underneath the right one, making sure that the sleeves don't get wrinkled during this process. When you fold the right shoulder back, try to make sure the entire inside-out panel of the coat lays flat.

Now, flip over the coat and fold it in half once, horizontally, from bottom to top. You should now have a neatly folded rectangle shape.

If you are planning to gift-wrap the sport coat, you can place it in a gift box with tissue paper. Alternatively, you can roll it up with tissue paper and tie the ends with ribbons, or place it in a gift bag with tissue paper.

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Using wrapping paper to create an envelope

To gift wrap a sport coat using wrapping paper to create an envelope, you can follow these steps:

Firstly, fold the coat into a neat rectangle. Place the coat in the centre of a large piece of wrapping paper, with the printed side facing down. Measure two fingers' width of space on either side of the coat and trim the excess paper with scissors. The bottom flap of the wrapping paper should be long enough to cover the coat completely, while the top flap should reach halfway.

Next, secure the top and bottom flaps with double-sided tape. Fold the top flap over the coat and smooth it down. Apply tape to the inside edge of the bottom flap and press it over the top flap. At this point, the right and left sides of the wrapping paper should still be open.

Now, work on the left side first. Fold in the extra flap of wrapping paper, press down to create a crease, and cut off a small triangle of paper at each corner of the flap. Cut along the crease to remove the inner layer of the flap. Apply double-sided tape to the remaining flap and fold it in to seal the left side.

Repeat the same process for the right side. Fold in the extra paper, trim the corners, cut off the inner layer, apply tape, and seal. Finish with a ribbon or a bow for a festive touch.

Alternatively, you can create a template for an envelope using computer paper. First, place your card in the top right corner of the paper and mark where the shortest side ends. Flip the card and mark the other side. Make another mark 1 cm further away from the corner on both sides and draw a line between these marks. Place the card back on the template and mark the bottom corners. Fold the top corner down so the sides meet the marks from the previous step. Draw along the sides and cut around the template. Fold the bottom up, then the sides, and apply glue to the side flaps to hold the envelope together. Once you are happy with the template, you can draw around it on the back of your chosen wrapping paper and cut it out. Fold the side flaps and trim the point off the bottom for a neater finish. Apply a small amount of glue to the side flaps to secure the envelope.

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Using tissue paper to roll up the coat

To gift wrap a sports coat using tissue paper, start by folding the coat into a neat rectangle. If the coat is thin, you can roll it up tightly, but if it's bulkier, it's better to fold it. For example, if you're wrapping a jacket, lay it flat and fold in both sleeves, then fold the collar back so it lines up with the hem.

Next, you'll need three sheets of tissue paper, preferably in different colours. Place them flat on top of each other on a hard, clean surface. Centre the coat at the top edge of the tissue paper, then gently roll it up inside the paper. Keep rolling until there are a few inches of tissue paper left at the bottom.

Now, fold up the bottom edge of the tissue paper and secure it with a small piece of double-sided tape. Smooth the tissue paper gently to seal the tape, then cut two equally-sized pieces of ribbon, each about 1 foot (0.30 m) long. Gather the tissue paper where it meets the edge of the coat and wrap a ribbon around this spot, knotting it to secure it. Repeat on the other side.

Finally, to add a bit of polish to the ends of the ribbons, fold each one in half and cut a straight diagonal line starting from the wire end and slanting down towards the centre of the fold. Unfold the ribbon to reveal a V-shaped edge.

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Adding ribbons to the outside of the box

Step 1: Choose the Right Ribbon

Select a ribbon that complements the colour and design of your wrapping paper or gift box. You can opt for a classic, solid-coloured ribbon or go for something more playful with patterns or textures. Consider the occasion and the recipient's taste when making your choice.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Ribbon

Before cutting the ribbon, measure the length and width of your box to ensure you have enough ribbon to work with. Cut the ribbon into two pieces, one to wrap around the box horizontally and the other vertically. The ribbons should be long enough to go around the box with some overlap, and you can always trim any excess later.

Step 3: Secure the Horizontal Ribbon

Place the box on a flat surface, and start by securing one end of the horizontal ribbon with clear tape on the underside of the box. Wrap the ribbon around the box, ensuring it is straight and centred. Secure the other end of the ribbon with another piece of tape on the underside.

Step 4: Repeat with the Vertical Ribbon

Repeat the same process with the vertical ribbon, securing it with clear tape on the bottom of the box. Make sure the ribbons intersect at the centre of the box, creating a cross-like pattern.

Step 5: Trim and Adjust

Once you have both ribbons in place, carefully trim any excess ribbon with scissors. Ensure the ends of the ribbons are neatly tucked under the box, and use additional tape if needed to secure any loose ends.

Step 6: Add a Bow or Embellishment

To finish off your gift, add a bow at the centre of the box where the ribbons intersect. You can use a pre-made bow or create your own by following an online tutorial. Alternatively, you can get creative and use strips of ribbon to form a unique design, such as a spiral or a flower. Secure your ribbon embellishment with a piece of tape at the centre of the box.

Step 7: Final Touches

As a final touch, you can attach a gift tag to the ribbon or bow. Write a personalised message for the recipient, and your gift is ready to be presented!


Using a gift bag

Firstly, fold the sport coat neatly. For a jacket, you can lay it facing down, fold in the sleeves, and then fold the collar back so it aligns with the hem. Make sure to remove any price tags, or cover them with a marker.

Next, you'll want to prepare the tissue paper. Lay 3-4 sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface, positioning each sheet so its left edge is 2-3 inches to the right of the sheet below. You can alternate colours for a more festive look. Place the folded sport coat on top of the tissue paper, centring it on the top sheet.

Now, gather the tissue paper around the coat. Hold the corners of the tissue paper together, and gently cinch the paper directly above the coat. Be careful not to tear the tissue paper.

Place the tissue-wrapped coat into the gift bag. The bag should be at least three times the size of the coat. You may need to adjust the tissue paper sticking out of the bag, but be gentle, as tissue paper wrinkles easily.

You can add an extra sheet of tissue paper for volume. To do this, pinch the middle of a sheet of tissue paper with your thumb and forefinger, then lift and flick your wrist to create an upside-down cone shape. Place this in the bag, adjusting the corners to fit with the other layers of tissue paper.

Finally, add a gift tag, card, and any embellishments like ribbons or bows. You can attach a gift tag with ribbon to one of the bag's handles. Place the card inside the bag, or tape it to the outside. Ribbons and bows can be added to the handle of the bag for a creative touch.

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