Khaki Pants: Best Coat Colors

what color coat goes with khaki pants

Khaki pants are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down, making them a great alternative to jeans. The good news is that they go with almost any colour coat! However, some colours are more flattering than others. For a foolproof look, pair your khakis with a coat in a neutral shade such as black, dark grey, or white. You could also try navy, light blue, olive green, or burgundy for a pop of colour that will complement, not clash. If you're feeling bold, pink, lavender, or even yellow will make a statement.

Characteristics Values
Colour of the coat Blue, Grey, White, Green, Black, Pink, Plaid, Light Blue, Navy, Burgundy, Light Green, Salmon, Lavender, Red, Yellow, Dark Green, Brown
Type of the coat Blazer, Cardigan, Jacket, Sweater, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Dress shirt, Flannel shirt, Denim jacket, Leather jacket


White shirts

A white shirt is a timeless classic that goes with anything, including khaki pants. The combination of a white shirt and khaki pants is a flattering, versatile pairing that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For a more formal look, a white dress shirt with a blazer and dress shoes is a great option. The blazer adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the outfit, while the dress shoes keep it classy. A brown dress shoe is a particularly good choice, as it stays within the earthy tones of the khaki pants. To add a bit of contrast, a navy blazer is a perfect complement to the white shirt and khaki pants.

If you're going for a smart-casual look, a white shirt in a more relaxed fabric like chambray or a henley is a great choice. Pair it with a shawl collar cardigan or a denim jacket and some suede shoes in a dark, muted colour like navy blue. This outfit is perfect for fall and winter, and the textured fabric of the shirt adds a bit of visual interest.

For a truly casual outfit, a simple white t-shirt and khaki pants are a great combination. Layer a blue denim jacket over the t-shirt, and finish with a pair of white sneakers for a laid-back, yet stylish look.

No matter the style of the white shirt, the versatility of khaki pants means that this combination can work for a variety of occasions. It's a timeless pairing that exudes undeniable charm, and with the right accessories, it can be dressed up or down with ease.

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Blue shirts

For a smart-casual or business-casual look, a light blue dress shirt is a good choice. You could also opt for a chambray or denim shirt, or even a denim jacket, for a more casual outfit. A light blue button-down shirt with a brown belt and brown shoes can create a more corporate look.

If you're looking for a casual outfit, a navy blue polo shirt or tee, paired with white sneakers and a webbed belt, is a great option. Navy blue is a versatile shade that suits all skin tones. You can also mix things up with patterns, such as Gingham or checks, and heavier fabrics like wool or dobby in the winter.

For a formal look, a blue blazer is a sophisticated choice. A blue blazer with khaki pants is a classic combination. You can pair it with a white shirt or a light sky-blue shirt for a sharp and formal appearance. To complete the look, opt for brown or tan shoes.

A blue blazer is a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. It pairs well with contrasting trousers for a formal look or jeans for a smart-casual vibe. You can also experiment with different shades of blue blazers, from navy to cobalt, to find the perfect hue for your style.


Black shirts

For a casual look, a black t-shirt with high-top sneakers or a black short-sleeve shirt with sandals in the summer will keep things relaxed. Alternatively, a black cardigan over a t-shirt in the fall is a great way to layer up while still maintaining a laid-back vibe. If you're going for a more formal aesthetic, a long-sleeve black button-up shirt tucked into the khaki pants with a brown belt and brown dress shoes will elevate the outfit.

The type of khaki pants you choose can also impact the overall style. Regular khaki pants lean more towards a casual look, while dressier chinos can be a more sophisticated option. Additionally, khaki pants that have a green tint tend to pair better with black shirts than those with yellow undertones.

When it comes to black shirts, you can explore different styles like band collar or Cuban collar shirts for a more casual feel. For a relaxed summer outfit, pair a black Cuban collar shirt with wide-legged khaki pants and retro sneakers. Black patterned shirts, especially those with a solid black base and subtle touches of colour, can also add an edgy, mid-century-inspired twist to your ensemble.

Ultimately, the beauty of pairing black shirts with khaki pants is the flexibility it offers. You can easily adapt this combination to suit your personal style and the occasion, whether you're aiming for a trendy casual look or a more polished and refined aesthetic.

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Green shirts

When wearing a green shirt with khaki pants, you can experiment with different shades and tones to find what works best for you. Don't be afraid to mix fabrics and add texture to your outfit. For footwear, brown or grey shoes are an excellent choice to complement the colours above the waist. You can also add a brown or grey belt to tie the whole look together.

If you want to create a sense of contrast, it is recommended to pair light khaki pants with dark tops and dark khaki pants with light tops. This will help you achieve a balanced and stylish outfit. Additionally, you can roll up your sleeves for a more casual and relaxed look.

For a timeless and versatile combination, you can also consider pairing your khaki pants with a blue shirt. This option is incredibly versatile, and any shade of blue will perfectly complement your khaki pants. Whether you choose a light blue button-down shirt or a navy blue polo, you can create a look that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

In conclusion, green shirts, especially in light or olive shades, are a great choice to pair with khaki pants. By experimenting with different shades, textures, and complementary footwear, you can create a stylish and earthy look. Don't forget to consider the level of contrast between your pants and shirt, and feel free to add accessories to elevate your outfit.


Grey shirts

When opting for a grey shirt with khaki pants, consider adding a touch of sophistication by incorporating textured fabrics. Layering a grey shirt jacket over a crisp white tee can introduce dimension and shape to your outfit, creating a contemporary twist. For footwear, brown leather loafers or white sneakers can complete the look, offering a seamless transition from day to night.

The beauty of pairing grey shirts with khaki pants lies in their ability to transcend seasons. While lighter shades of grey are ideal for spring and summer, darker hues become the perfect layering pieces for fall and winter when paired with sweaters or blazers. This versatility allows you to create stylish outfits all year round, adapting to the changing weather while remaining fashion-forward.

In summary, grey shirts and khaki pants are a timeless and sophisticated combination. The neutral tones of grey seamlessly complement the diverse shades of khaki, creating a polished look for any occasion. With the right accessories and attention to textured fabrics, you can elevate your ensemble to new heights, showcasing a contemporary twist on a classic pairing.

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