Jack Sparrow's Coat: A Colorful Conundrum

what color is jack sparrow

Jack Sparrow's coat is a brown or grey wool or tweed frock coat. It has two front pockets and a button closure. The coat is available for purchase online, with prices ranging from $718.25 to $160.20. The coat is also available as part of a costume or cosplay of the character, with prices ranging from $103.16 to $150.

Characteristics Values
Fabric Wool blend, Linen, Satin, Tweed, Polyester, Leather
Colour Brown, Grey, Black
Type Frock coat, Jacket, Trench coat
Features Collarless, 10 buttons down the front, 14 buttons down the back coat tail, 4 buttons on each cuff, 5 buttons on each pocket, 2 front pockets, 3" button holes, Broad folded buttoned cuffs
Sizes M, L, XL
Price $718.25, $115.96, $150, $160.20, $177.66, $129.17, $184.53, $103.16


Jack Sparrow's coat is made from wool

The coat is typically brown in colour, with yellow linings, adding to the authenticity of the 16th-century pirate fashion. It features a front button closure, full-length sleeves, and side pockets with flap styling. The broad cuffs and round neck collar further enhance the unique style of the coat.

The woollen material is not only practical but also comfortable, as some reviewers have noted. The wool blend provides a lightweight and soft sensation, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The viscose lining adds to the overall comfort and fit of the coat.

Jack Sparrow's woollen coat is an iconic piece of his costume, made famous by actor Johnny Depp in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series. The coat is a popular choice for cosplay and Halloween costumes, allowing fans to embrace their inner pirate and celebrate the beloved character.

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The coat is brown

The brown Jack Sparrow coat is made from wool-blended fabric and is available in a gorgeous brown colour. The coat has no collar and features a buttoned closure, making it convenient to wear. The inner lining consists of soft viscose, providing warmth and comfort to the wearer. The sleeves are long and fitting, with broad, folded buttoned cuffs. The coat also has two flapped side waist pockets, perfect for storing small items and adding to the overall appeal of the garment.

The brown Jack Sparrow coat is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and durable garment. The superior quality stitching ensures the coat is long-lasting, while the colour and fabric combination make it a stand-out piece. The brown colour is an essential part of the coat's overall appeal, with customers praising the shade and its versatility.

The brown Jack Sparrow coat is an excellent replica of the coat worn by the character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The coat is made from high-quality materials, including premium linen and satin, ensuring durability and comfort. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is impressive, with 40 buttons, 2 functional front pockets, and a dramatic 43-inch length. The coat is tailored to fit all body types, with sizes ranging from medium to extra-large.

The brown colour of the Jack Sparrow coat is an essential part of its appeal and versatility. It is a stylish and distinctive garment that has received positive reviews from customers. The brown colour, combined with the fabric and design, creates a stand-out piece that is also comfortable and durable.

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It has two outside pockets

The Jack Sparrow coat is a stylish and chic garment, featuring two outside pockets. These pockets are not only practical for storing personal items but also add to the overall appeal of the coat. The pockets are flapped side waist pockets, which provide a convenient and secure place to keep belongings.

The placement of the pockets is worth noting. They are positioned at the side waist, allowing for easy access and ensuring a seamless integration into the coat's design. This thoughtful positioning contributes to the coat's functionality and aesthetic value.

The pockets also complement the coat's overall design, which includes a buttoned closure, long and fitting sleeves, and broad folded buttoned cuffs. The combination of these design elements creates a cohesive and attractive look.

The two outside pockets contribute to the coat's versatility. They allow the wearer to carry essential items, such as a wallet, phone, or even a small book, as mentioned in one of the reviews. This makes the coat suitable for a range of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

The pockets also enhance the coat's durability. The superior quality stitching around the pockets and the rest of the coat ensures that it can withstand regular use without easily coming apart. This makes the coat a worthwhile investment for those seeking a long-lasting garment.


The coat is buttoned, not buckled

The buttons on Jack Sparrow's coat are an essential design element and are just as important as the fabric choice. There are 10 buttons down the front, 14 down the back coat tail, 4 on each cuff, and 5 on each pocket. That's a total of 47 buttons! The buttons are also not just any standard issue, but rather they are authentic frock coat buttons sourced from Simon Newton. These buttons are an integral part of the costume's screen accuracy and help to elevate the overall look.

The buttonholes themselves are also not to be overlooked. They are 3" long and feature a twisted chain "ladder stitch" embroidery with a pearl cotton colour and a dull gold border. This attention to detail in the buttonhole design adds to the overall sophistication of the coat.

In addition to the buttons and buttonholes, the fabric choice for Jack Sparrow's coat is another key element. The original coat was made by Cosprop in London using heavyweight tweed, specifically ebony tweed. To recreate this look, one would need approximately 6 yards of tweed fabric, pre-shrunk to ensure the best results. An alternative option could be upholstery fabric, which can be found at Joanne's in a similar colour to the original.

The lining of the coat is also important, and an equal amount of off-white muslin is needed to line the inside of the coat and give it a finished look. The coat is designed to be one size fits all, so the lining also helps to ensure a comfortable fit.

So, in conclusion, the coat is buttoned, not buckled, and the buttons, buttonholes, fabric, and lining all come together to create a sophisticated and screen-accurate garment that is both durable and comfortable.

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It is a frock coat

The coat is brown, made from wool-blended fabric, and features a buttoned closure. It has a soft viscose lining, providing warmth and comfort. The sleeves are long with broad, folded, buttoned cuffs. The coat also has two flapped side waist pockets for convenience. The superior-quality stitching makes the coat durable, and it is perfect for formal wear.

The coat is available in different sizes, and the fabric is pre-shrunk before construction. It is a standard costume-grade outfit, and modifications can be made to the back centre line to improve the fit. The coat is also available in polyester.

The frock coat has 40 buttons, with 10 down the front, 14 down the back coat tail, 4 on each cuff, and 5 on each pocket. The buttons are authentic and can be purchased from Simon Newton. The buttonholes are 3 inches long and are made with a twisted chain "ladder stitch" embroidery. The colour of the buttonholes is a dull gold with a pearl cotton border.

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Jack Sparrow's coat is brown.

The coat is made from a wool blend.

The coat has 40 buttons.

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